Boulia Heritage Complex Boulia Heritage Complex

When Boulia resident James Edwards Jones built his home in 1888, little did he know that it would become one of Western Queensland's major attractions.

The building was constructed as a family dwelling and now boasts being home to an array of history surrounding the Jones family and early settlement life in Boulia.

Situated on the corner of Pituri and Hamilton Streets, the Stonehouse has been listed by the National Trust as a building of great interest, as it was one of the first homes built in Western Queensland and because of its unique design which keeps out the harsh summer heat.

The stonehouse is situated inside the Boulia Heritage Complex which houses farm machinery, Indigenous artifacts, early pioneer history and fossils.

Set in the yards of the heritage Complex are a number of machinery and wagons, which were used in the region around the turn of the century.


                                                                                            Above: Dining room of Stonehouse


Pituri Street Boulia

Set in the grounds of the Heritage Complex is an extensive vertebrae and invertebrate fossil display which originates from the Boulia area. The latest exhibit on display is an 80% complete fossil of a Plesiosaur making this reptile display one of the best in Australia.

Visitors are guaranteed to be impressed by the remains of large fossil marine reptiles, sharks and fish and a very expert retelling of their history. Please ring 07 47463386 for further information.

Monday-Friday       April-September 8.30-5pm  lunch 12.30-1.30pm
Saturday-Sunday   10am-2pm subject to seasonal change                 





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