Shire Timeline Shire Timeline


1876- Boulia was established as a goods and service centre for local graziers.
1879- August 2nd - 1280 acres of land was set aside. The town of Boulia is founded. The first mail service
          by horse is commenced.
1883- First land sale in Boulia.
1884- First telegraph line is completed and police station opened. First police magistrate is appointed.
1885- The town of Urandangie was founded and the first store commenced trading.
1886- The first courthouse is completed.
1889- Urandangie first school was opened.
1892- John MacPherson MacDonald - Police Magistrate dies aged 65 years.
1904- Gun club was formed 1904/1905, functioned for four years.
1905- New courthouse and office with accommodation completed. Mable Gertrude Crutchfield appointed
          as surgeon to the Cottage Hospital at Boulia.
1908- First motor vehicle in the area. Boulia Shire Council and Winton Council signed an agreement to
          bear 1/3 the cost of an artesian bore on Mackunda (water was struck in 1909).
1910- Urandangie School closed due to low attendance.
1911- Railway reached Duchess.
1912- One of the early Governors, Sir William McGregor, passed through Boulia.
          First documented sighting of the Min Min Light.
1913- Teachers were appointed to travel and teach children in country areas, travelling by bike or car.
1912- The Min Min Hotel was burnt down approximately around this time line. 
1916- 1916-1918 Teece conducted a horse and buggy mail run from Boulia via Coorabulka to the Mayne 
1917- A tragic bushfire was started by lightening near Elrose in October 1917 burning two men so badly
           they died from their injuries.
1919- George Absolom was the first man to cart supplies between Dajarra and Boulia.
1920- The first parade of local servicemen was held on Anzac Day.
          The first CWA (Country Women's Association) meeting in Boulia.
          A maternity ward was built in the hospital, and the first baby born was named Mary Maternity 
          Cockeril of Mercia Springs.
          The first picture show was opened.
1921- Captain Pat McGinnis piloted the first aeroplane to visit Boulia.
          A Glenormiston syndicate won 20 000 pounds when it drew Sister Olive in the Melbourne Cup.
          Ernest F Jones (one of the overseers of the GNRB) was also the first Chairman of the Boulia  
          Shire Council elected under the State Roll Franchise.
          Urandangie School re-opened.
           The last pack horse mail run from Boulia to Roxborough by J. Jones. It was then carried by car for 
           the next thirty years.
1925- Charlie Robinson drove one of the last horse drawn mails from Middleton to Boulia in March 1925.
1926- One of the driest periods in the history of Boulia was between 1926-1929 when only 415mm of rain 
          was recorded.
1927- Dr Spalding was one of the first Flying Doctors to visit Boulia during 1927-1928.
          The dance hall was opened in Boulia on the 25th February.
1928- All fences under the Gregory North Rabbit Board were abandoned. 
1930- The "Widow's Cap" was worn by Aboriginal widows in mourning for their warrior/man having been 
           killed. It was worn up until the 1930's.
1932- Urandangie Federal Hotel burnt down and was completely destroyed on the 29th April. Two people
          perished in the fire.
1933- The Dingo Board was abolished and the Districts Improvements Board was established under the
           "Grazing District Improvement Act of 1933".
1936- The Women's Auxiliary of the RSL was first formed in 1936. Mrs J.E.M. McGlinchey was the first
1938- The first school building (1891) was sold for removal and a large school building from Selwyn was
           removed and erected in Boulia by contractor A.H. Wellington.   
1942- The last IOU's (first form of currency in Boulia and region) were used.
           On 19th February, a very efficient troop of the V.D.C. was formed.
1950-The highest registration of rainfall for 24 hours was recorded at 345mm in March.
1951- The Boulia Shire Council became licensed for the maintenance of the Boulia Aerodrome on the 21st
          February. The Boulia Shire Council building burnt down on Good Friday 1951.
1956- The Buffalo Lodge was opened in Boulia by Bro. George Kallinicus, ROH.
1957- Power was connected to Boulia on the 26th January. The Power House and residence for the
          Power House Superintendent was erected.