Vision & Mission Statement Vision & Mission Statement

FIVE (5) YEAR CORPORATE PLAN  s.190(a) for the period 2015-2019


Boulia Shire Council endeavours to provide the community with a well-resourced, healthy, safe and stable environment.


Promote sustainable economic and social growth whilst preserving our current values.


  • Working with the community for the benefit of the community.
  • Open communication flow between Council and the community.
  • Stable, consistent and logical policies to guide the organisation.
  • High standards of professionalism, equal opportunity and flexibility, in an atmosphere of trust and teamwork.
  • Leadership based on integrity.

To help achieve these objectives, Council will provide leadership, direction, representation and services to ensure that Boulia Shire is both attractive and prosperous, providing a high quality of life.


Maintaining and increasing the population of the Shire, as well as encouraging greater numbers of tourists to the Outback.


Maintenance of current infrastructure levels with emphasis being given to continual quality improvement and timely replacement of aging assets.

Economic Base

Maintenance of the current primary production base with increased development in commerce and tourism activities.

Lifestyle and Environment

A relaxed, affordable and secure lifestyle in a caring community and a friendly environment.