Councillor Profiles

Cllr Rick Declaration of Office photo 2024

Mayor Eric (Rick) Britton

Phone: (07) 4746 3188
Mobile: 0407 122 430

Eric (Rick) Britton and his photographer wife Ann, own and operate Organic & Non-Organic cattle breeding and fattening enterprises in Queensland’s North West. Both Rick and Ann are active in community groups and provide firsthand assistance and support to numerous events in the shire.

Residing just outside of Boulia at Goodwood Station, Rick is a long-term member of the region. Rick’s grandmother and father were born in Boulia and Rick and Ann have two adult children Thomas and Claire.
Rick entered local government as a Councillor in 2007 and has held the position of Mayor since 2008. In both his local government and business interests, Rick continues to actively pursue professional development opportunities, having already completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Media Training, Diploma of Rural Business Management, Governance for Elected Members courses, along with other short courses.

With significant demonstrated experience in public administration, leadership and governance along with his knowledge of primary production in some of Australia’s harshest climate, Rick is a passionate community advocate and through his role as Mayor he has developed an intimate understanding of the needs of communities, both rural and non-rural.

Along with his various commitments as a representative on regional organisations such as the Chair of Rural Financial Counselling Service North Queensland and Chair of Central West Regional Pest Management, Mayor Britton's Councillor portfolio representation also includes Economic Development & Planning, Rural Services & Environmental Management, Infrastructure & Asset Management (LDMG Chair) and Finance & Governance.


Cllr Jack Declaration of Office photo 2024

Deputy Mayor Jack Neilson

Phone: (07) 4746 3188
Mobile: 0477 686 893

Deputy Mayor Jack Neilson is a born and bred local of Boulia and grew up on a cattle property called Two Rivers north of Boulia. After schooling through Mt Isa School of Distance Education and then boarding at Blackheath and Thornburgh College in Charters Towers, Jack returned to the Boulia area to work as a Contract Musterer. Jack is very passionate about the Boulia community and wants to see Boulia grow and develop as a hub for the west through job security, tourism and helping the Beef Industry which built Boulia town.

Roads funding is high on his agenda as he feels with better roads we can attract more people and investment into our shire - either through easier cattle cartage options or easier roads for tourists and industry to travel.

Deputy Mayor Neilson's Councillor portfolio representation: Economic Development & Planning; Rural Services & Environmental Management; Infrastructure & Asset Management; Finance & Governance.



Cllr Sam Declaration of Office Photo 2024


Councillor Sam Beauchamp

Phone: (07) 4746 3188
Mobile: 0448 863 162

Elected to Council in 2004, Councillor Beauchamp is one of our longest standing elected members. Primarily a beef cattle producer, Sam has a strong family history in the shire and is an electrician by trade.

He is an active member of the community, always willing to provide assistance at local events and ceremonies - a characteristic which is reflective of his 2006 Boulia Shire Council Citizen of the Year award. 

Councillor Beauchamp's portfolio representation: Tourism & Events; Rural Services & Environmental Management; Infrastructure & Asset Management. 


Cllr Norton declaration of office photo 2024

Councillor Jan Norton

Phone: (07) 4746 3188
Mobile: 0427 463 101 

Born in Charleville, raised in Augathella and having spent the majority of her life living in Boulia, Councillor Norton was elected to represent Boulia in 2020. Over the years she has experienced the trials and tribulations of living in this little remote area, and has been in the background of many organisations doing the legwork and taking photos.

Alongside her role as Councillor, Jan is currently the Manager of the Boulia Community Support Services and is totally committed to Boulia Shire. She believes that she can make a difference as part of a team and represents the Council on a number of committees.

Councillor Norton's portfolio representation: Communities, Housing & Public Open Spaces; Tourism & Events.




Cllr Julie Declaration of Office photo

Councillor Julie Woodhouse

Phone: (07) 4746 3188
Mobile: 0409 233 225

Councillor Julie Woodhouse has spent almost half her life in the Boulia Shire. After experiencing life on the land here for five years in the eighties, Julie and her family moved to Cloncurry for a six year period before returning to Boulia in 1996. Julie feels they have raised their children here in a safe and supportive community.

Councillor Woodhouse has been heavily involved with all organisations as she believes in giving back to the community which welcomes you. Alongside receiving a Boulia Shire Citizen of the Year award, Julie was also the first female president of the Boulia Camel Races.

Prior to becoming elected in March 2024, Julie worked for Boulia Shire Council for 23 years. She is passionate in wanting better opportunities for families to live here, such as child care and housing. Julie has made Boulia her forever home now and so wishes to see Boulia grow and prosper.

Councillor Woodhouse's portfolio representation: Communities, Housing & Public Open Spaces; Tourism & Events; Finance & Governance.



Councillor Portfolio Representation

Council has adopted a portfolio system where each Councillor has been assigned as a representative for a specific portfolio. The portfolios are focused at the strategic level of Council and is a way of spreading responsibility and profile across all Councillors. Further information regarding Councillor Portfolio Representation can be found in the Portfolio Representation Policy (Policy 164)

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Councillor Register of Interests

Under the Local Government Regulation 2012 section 290, a register of interests of Councillors must be maintained and available for inspection by the public. The register is updated annually or throughout the year as required.

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In addition to the annual Register of Interests that each Councillor must declare, the Local Government Act 2009 stipulates that Councillors must declare if they have a Prescribed Conflict of Interest or a Declarable Conflict of Interest on a matter to be discussed at an Ordinary Meeting of Council. Declared Prescribed Conflict of Interests or Declarable Conflict of Interests by Boulia Shire Councillors are reflected within our meeting minutes. Copies of completed declaration forms relevant to a particular Council meeting can also be viewed on our meeting minutes page.