Right to Information

Publication Scheme

In line with the Right to Information Act 2009, Boulia Shire Council’s Publication Scheme outlines information that is readily accessible to the public.

Our Publication Scheme

The information outlined in the Publication Scheme is classed under seven categories:

  1. About Us: Who we are, where we are and how to contact us
  2. Our Services: An outline of the services we offer, including advice and guidance, publications and media releases.
  3. Our Finances: Information on Council’s financial status including projected and actual income and expenditure, budget and fees and charges.
  4. Our Priorities: What are Council’s priorities and how are we achieving them - Annual Report, Corporate Plan, Operational Plan, etc.
  5. Our Decisions: How we make proposals, decisions, reviews and consultations.
  6. Our Policies: Documents that outline the protocols on the services and responsibilities we have and carry out.
  7. Our Lists: Council keep a number of lists and registers on file, some of which are a statutory requirement and must be made available for public view include:
    1. Local law register
    2. Roads map and register
    3. Register of cost-recover fees
    4. Delegations register
    5. Register of Interest
    6. Complaints register

Please contact Council directly if you require further information on any of these registers.

All of the above information is made freely available on Council's website and is routinely updated as necessary. If you are unable to open a document format or where information is required in hard copy format, please contact the Council office. Any applicable printing fees for hard copy documents will be advised to you at the time of request. 

In keeping with the aim of the Right To Information Act 2009, it is Council's objective to provide anyone access to Council documents, unless access to that document would be contrary to public interest. If you require access to a document that is not available on this website, please contact the Council office.

More details on Right To Information and Information Privacy, including copies of the acts, are available on the Queensland Government's Right To Information and Information Privacy website. This website also outlines how you can make an application under the Right To Information Act and the fees and charges applicable.

Should you find information included in our Publication Scheme has not been made available, you also have the right to make a complaint to Council about this. Please see our Complaints Management Policy and Process for more information on how to do this.