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      Mayor Eric (Rick) Britton


      Phone:       (07) 4746 3188


      Mobile:      0407 122 430


Eric (Rick) Britton and his photographer wife Ann, own and operate cattle breeding enterprises in Queensland’s North West. Residing just outside of Boulia at Goodwood Station, Rick is a long-term member of that region. Rick’s grandmother and father were born in Boulia and Rick and Ann have two children, Thomas and Claire.

Rick has a significant demonstrated experience in public administration, leadership and governance along with his knowledge of primary production in some of Australia’s harshest climate. He is a passionate community advocate and through his role as Mayor he has developed an intimate understanding of the needs of communities, both rural and non-rural.

Rick is currently the Mayor of Boulia Shire Council, a position he has now held since 2008. Prior to that he entered local government as a Councillor in 2007. In his role as Mayor, Rick has been a Director of RAPAD since 2008 and was President of the West Qld Local Government Association, Chair of the Outback Regional Roads Group and Chair of the Central West Regional Pest Management Group. Rick took carriage of the rural financial counselling service delivered through RAPAD as Rural Financial Counselling Service Qld – Central Southern Region through to 31 March. He is now the Chair of Rural Financial Counselling Service North Queensland Project Management Board.

In both his local government, RAPAD and business interests, Rick actively pursues professional development opportunities.  To further his knowledge of governance and administration, Rick has completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors course.

Rick is actively involved in many community groups and events. Rick is the Boulia Ag-force branch president. Both Rick and Ann are heavily involved in the hands on work and practical assistance for many years with the Boulia Easter Campdraft, Races and Rodeo weekend. Goodwood Pastoral Company has been a host employer for RITE, which is a rural training scheme for young people.  Goodwood is also a case study for Grazing Land Management studies.

Employment and or Business interests - current and past:
1979 - 86: Station Hand on various properties through Diamantina and Boulia Shires
1987 - to present: Director, Owner, Manager of Goodwood Pastoral Company a Family owned                                                       Company operating Beef Breeding and Fatting enterprise within the Boulia Shire
Host Employer for Rural Industrial Traineeship Education.

Employment and related short courses:
Owner Wool Classer 1996 - 2006
Grazing Land Management (Mitchell Grass Downs) – 2007
Leading Groups Workshop 2007
Project Manager for Channel Country Weed Project (Hamilton Channels Proj 1)
Project Coordinator Blue Print for the Bush Boulia Project
Case Study for Grazing Land Management
Wet Spelling Grazing
AICD Director training

Elected positions / Government held positions – current and past:
Shire Councillor 30th January 2007/2008
Mayor of Boulia Shire 16th March 2008 - present
Western Queensland Local Government Association President 2008/2012
Chair of the CWRPMG 2008/Present
Chair of the RFCSQCSR (2012/2016) now known as RFCSNQ

Company Directorships - current and past:
Director of Goodwood Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Director of E & A Britton Super fund
Director of Remote Area Planning and Development Board
Director of TNWRDA 2008/2012

Community Positions - current and past:
Director of Ag-force Cattle Board 2008/2014
Boulia Camel Races Vice President 2008/2012
Boulia Rodeo President 2010/2012
Ag-force Boulia Branch president 30th March 2007 - present


Rick represents the Council on the following committees:

 - Outback Highway Development Committee  - Remote Area Planning and Development Board
 - Outback Regional Roads and Transport Group  - Outback Regional Water Group 
 - Central West Regional Pest Management Group  - Local Disaster Management Group 
 - Inland Queensland Road Action Plan Group   - Western Queensland Local Government Association 
 - Australian Local Government Association   - Far West Alliance – Tourism Barcoo, Boulia, Diamantina
 - Audit Committee  - Modern Award/Enterprise Bargaining Committee 





     Councillor Brook McGlinchey


     Phone:      (07) 4746 3188


     Mobile:      0429 018 104



Brook grew up in Boulia on his parents cattle and sheep station and is a very active member of the community.  As a family man with young children he is committed to the future growth of the Boulia Shire. 

Brook represents the Council on the following committees:

 - Outback Highway Development Committee   - Central West Regional Pest Management Group 
 - Local Disaster Management Group   - Outback Queensland Tourism Association 
 - Boulia Historical Society  - Housing Committee






         Councillor Sam Beauchamp


         Phone:      (07) 4746 3188


         Mobile:     0448  863 162








Elected to Council in 2004, Sam is a beef cattle producer, an electrical contractor and an active member of the community especially with the hosting of the rodeo and the races. In 2006 Sam was elected as Boulia Shire Council's Citizen of the Year. 

Sam represents the Council on the following committees:

 - Remote Area Planning and Development Board   - Outback Regional Water Group 
 - Local Disaster Management Group   - Boulia Historical Society
 - Audit Committee  - Modern Award/Enterprise Bargaining Committee 
 - Plant Committee  





     Councillor Rebecka (Beck) Britton


     Phone:       (07) 4746 3188


     Mobile:      0428 581 874










Councillor Beck Britton is a well known local community figure with a passion for Boulia. Beck does not have a singular focus as she believes every aspect of our shire is important. Roads; to deliver, Families; for the future, Tourism; improved economy & enhanced regional exposure, Local Business; support those who support the community, Grazing; local population & ratepayer base, Community; those that choose to live & work in the town of Boulia, Education & Skills Development; ongoing, inclusive & accessible.

Beck represents the Council on the following committees:

 - Remote Area Planning and Development Board   - Western Queensland Local Government Association 
 - Australian Local Government Association   - Far West Alliance – Tourism Barcoo, Boulia, Diamantina
 - Outback Queensland Tourism Association   - Housing Committee