Drought & Wellbeing Support Drought & Wellbeing Support

Week 1 - Brain Health 

Week 2 - Mindfulness 

Week 3 - Sleeping Well

Week 4 - Get Thinking

Week 5 - Festive Season


  • My Aged Care

  • Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Drought Assistance - The ATO is offering a range of assistance for individuals and businesses in drought affected areas. Find out more information by visiting the ATO website or calling 13 11 42 (option 3). This offer from the ATO is one of several Federal Government measures to support people experiencing hardship as a result of drought. 

  • Small Business and Individuals Financial Counsellor Programme

  • Asbestos Awareness - Considering renovations? Make sure you are aware of the possibility of asbestos materials and their danger before you start any work. Visit the Asbestos Awareness website for more details.