Boulia Shire Council is committed to providing a level of customer service that does not attract complaints however, acknowledges the right of persons to provide feedback, both positive and negative, on its services and/or to lodge a complaint. Council is therefore equally committed to providing an effective resolution to all complaints received.

All complaints must be submitted in writing. Should you wish to lodge a complaint, please complete the online Customer Request/Complaint Form or send an email to

Anonymous and representative complaints are also accepted in writing and our Customer Service staff will provide reasonable assistance, such as helping you fill out the form, where possible in order to assist you make a complaint.

Wherever possible, Council will aim to resolve a customer’s complaint at the customer’s first point of contact with Council. All complaints received are managed in accordance with the Complaints Management Policy and Process.

Each complaint will be acknowledged and recorded and the complainant provided with a Complaint number. All complaints will be assessed without undue delay and investigated with regard to the framework of natural justice and procedural fairness where appropriate.

Where a complaint cannot be resolved within 10 business days, the Receiving Officer will negotiate with the complainant a timeframe for the resolution of the complaint. Complainants will be kept informed of the progress and outcome of their complaint (subject to the principles of the Information Privacy Act 2009).

If the matter is not resolved to the complainants satisfaction, the Receiving Officer will liaise with the Manager of the section to facilitate a review and where required, further investigation. Where a complaint is still not able to be resolved by the section Manager, the complaint will be listed for action by the Chief Executive Officer. When a complaint is not able to be satisfactorily resolved by Council, the complainant will be advised to refer their complaint to an agency external to Boulia Shire Council.

All complaints will be treated with appropriate respect for confidentiality and privacy. Publication of information relating to complaints about Council Officers will be limited to that prescribed by legislation.

More information about complaints can be found on the Queensland Ombudsman website.