Hire of Council Facilities

Council offers the ability to hire out a variety of facilities and equipment including –

  • Shire Hall and Burke Street Hall
  • Racecourse Reserve 
  • Sports Centre Cafe and Library Meeting Room
  • Council Bus

All hiring of Council facilities is arranged through the Council Office. To make an enquiry about hire, please complete the form below and return it to admin@boulia.qld.gov.au or please call (07) 4746 3188. To learn more about fees and charges associated with hiring, please see Council's Fees and Charges page

Facility Booking Form

Community Groups hosting annual community events at the Racecourse Reserve/Rodeo Grounds have the ability to make an Inkind Assistance Request. To place this request, please click here to complete the Racecourse Reserve/Rodeo Grounds Annual Event Inkind Assistance Request for venue and equipment form and return it to admin@boulia.qld.gov.au