Drought & Wellbeing Support

Wellbeing Support

Boulia Shire Council values the health and wellbeing of all individuals and endeavours to provide the community with sources of information that may be of assistance.

  • The Boulia Community Support Service is a local service that provides a support channel to the local community assisting in a variety of areas from assistance with housing problems and homework to running arts and craft activities. They are contactable via phone on (07) 4746 3700 or email bouliacss@bigpond.com 
  • The Australian Government’s My Aged Care is a service that provides support to older people. Visit the My Aged Care website for more information.
  • Asbestos Awareness - Considering renovations? Make sure you are aware of the possibility of asbestos materials and their danger before you start any work. Visit the Asbestos Awareness website for more details.
  • The Food Pantry - this is the Queensland Government portal for food safety for both businesses and consumers. Visit The Food Pantry website for more information. 


Drought Support

The Boulia Shire was drought declared from 2013 to April 2019. Facing this sort of continued hardship can be overwhelming but fortunately there are some support avenues available for those who may need it.  Below are just some of the support links available.