Sports Centre wall mural

Urandangi was the ideal place for the drovers to stop as there was usually water in the Georgina River and if not, there was always the stock water trough. Urandangi became the drovers’ stop between Camooweal and Dajarra and quickly expanded into a township where mail and supplies could be accessed. It was not an uncommon sight to see at least three mobs of drovers with up to 2000 head of cattle on the stock route around Urandangi.

In its heyday, the Dangi, as it’s commonly referred to, had three hotels, two stores and a post office. There was also a dance hall which was a welcome site for many a drover.

If you are thinking of heading further north or west, contact the Min Min Encounter and Visitor Information Centre for up-to-date road conditions. 

When visiting Urandangi, head down to the Georgina River which runs near town. The tranquillity of the majestic river gives an insight into its past. You can see why it has had songs and poems written about it. Definitely worth throwing in a line if there is water in the river at the time of your visit. 

Also in Urandangi is the cemetery which has several Chinese graves. In the early part of the 1900’s, there were Chinese market gardeners living in Urandangi and growing an impressive array of fruit and vegies.


Did you know?

Urandangi or Urandangie?  While there is historically an ongoing 'local' debate on the spelling of Urandangi (is or isn't there an 'e' on the end?) the official spelling, in accordance with the Place Names Act 1994, has no ‘e’.