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Boulia Shire is situated in Western Queensland and encompasses an area of 61,635 square kilometres. There are two towns in the shire with the town of Boulia, sited on the banks of the Burke River, being the main administration area for the local Boulia Shire Council. It is home to the mysterious Min Min Light, an unexplained ball of light that can follow cars and people for miles and then wink out of existence.

Urandangi is the other town in the north of the shire. The majestic Georgina River runs near this tiny township and its tranquillity gives us an insight into its past – you can see why it has inspired songs and poems to be written about it.


Map of region surrounding Boulia


Boulia to:

Mt Isa  - 303km

Bedourie  - 194km

Birdsville  - 383km

Winton  - 366km

Longreach  - 536km

Alice Springs  - 814km


Urandangi to:

Mt Isa  - 183km

Boulia  - 307km 

Camooweal  - 250km 

Tobermorey  - 98km 




Self-drive Loops: